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2018 Milan Furniture Fair

Every April, it is always the most stressful month in the design world. Countless designers, architects, magazine editors, entrepreneurs, and all design enthusiasts around the world can hardly find anything on the calendar. (Salone del Mobile)more important appointment scheduling. Even if you pretend not to know it, you cannot stop everyone from coming forward and gathering in Milan to go to this year's biggest design feast.The event was dominated by the Milan Furniture Fair. At the same time, it visited Milan's famous furniture factory and other European countries. Therefore, our trip is mainly divided into three parts.

The Milan International Furniture Fair has been held since 1961 and it has been held 50 times so far (2012). The Milan International Furniture Exhibition includes the Milan International Furniture Fair, Milan International Lighting Fair, Milan International Furniture Semi-finished Products and Accessories Exhibition, Satellite Salon Exhibition and other series of exhibitions. Milan International Furniture Fair, known as the "Oscar" and "Olympic" event of furniture design and exhibition in the world, and extended to the home field of architecture, home textiles, lamps, etc., held once a year, is home to world-wide designers and industry stakeholders Sacred land for exchanges.

The Milan Furniture Fair brings the world's top design work and inspiration to the entire designer industry. Designers from all over the world gather here and we are no exception. This time, the Milan Furniture Fair has a lot of new and worthwhile Ideas and new colors. New inspiration!

The 57th Milan International Furniture Fair in Milan's Milan Fairgrounds (Rho) attracted tens of thousands of designers, design enthusiasts and brand manufacturers from around the world from April 17th to 22nd. The world's top design feast. The exhibition has a net exhibition area of more than 205,000 square meters, with more than 2,000 exhibitors participating, including more than 650 emerging designers participating in the 21st Salone Satellite Exhibition and 22% of overseas exhibitors.

At the Milan Furniture Fair, a vibrant, emotionally-influenced, bright-colored home-based piece of furniture is truly a long-lasting Italian furniture that infuses a young force that fills the home with color and adds a touch of life, including scissors and stone. The NOVAMOBILI, baxter, cc-tapis and other outstanding brands introduced by the Emporium at the Empress Dowa home.

This year's products are even more pioneering in design, with various shapes and strong three-dimensional sense of geometry; they are more sophisticated in their materials selection, and are based on natural metals, glass, and stone materials. ".

On April 22, the 57th Milan International Furniture Fair ended. This exhibition attracted nearly 2,000 exhibitors worldwide, demonstrating the highest level of creativity and production quality in the furniture industry. The proportion of furniture brands outside Italy continues to rise, showing a more yuan and international industry appearance.

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<strong>2018 Milan Furniture Fair</strong>
2018 Milan Furniture Fair 
Casa Forma Accredited by the Br
Casa Forma Accredited by the Br 
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