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Villa in Sardegna
Location: Rome,Italy
Designer: Marianna Gagliardi
Built-up Area: 600SM
Photographer: Eric Peyre

This magnificent villa is in “Sardegna” and precisely in “Costa Smeralda”. The owner was, years ago, a very famous football player, afterwards he became a captain and a trainer of the most important Italian football teams. He bought this wonderful villa and he immediately thought to ask for Arch. Marianna Gagliardi’s help, having been already  the designer of his splendid residence in Rome.

This is a private shelter with a marvellous view on the sea. White and light blue is the predominant colour of the villa, furniture, bed rooms and objects, natural woods, everything with Mediterranean touches. Another predominant subject are the shells, the real passion of the mistress of the house.

Two great paintings “trompe l’oeil” have been placed by Marianna Gagliardi , she bought them in Paris at the “marché aux puces”. Light blue coral branches and sea stars appear also on the cushions of the sofas, designed by arch. Gagliardi.  Loom Beds with white cushions covered with natural fabrics, furnish the swimming pool area. In the dining-room there is a French table of the beginning of twentieth century and chairs designed by Marianna Gagliardi. The picture has be painted by Eric Peyre.

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