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Walk to the end of the corridor from the main door, one will arrive to a reflective cube next to the corridor to the left of the TV area. Mirror paneling on the walls from floor to ceiling with horizontal lines finished create perfect reflection. It would not easy to be noticeable but the door to the master bedroom is here. 

Pieces of veneer jointed together to create coziness at the TV area as well as concealing storage cabinets. Hardly fazed by the compact size of the apartment, designer created the illusion of spaciousness through a rectangular glass tabletop supported by wood posts at the dining area. Even the coffee table spots some sheen like the chrome accented pieces. An art piece shows trees in reddish orange leaves in fall brings an ornament to the dining area.

Reflective surfaces again, appear in the master bedroom from the two green wall panels. A piece of sassafras veneer with hidden lighting concealed behind the bed head adds the natural ambience to the atmosphere. A build-in window seat provides a place for reading books or working with a laptop computer.

In terms of design for secondary room, a skyscraper office concept showed along the window area. In day time, the only window in the room allows natural lighting flows into the room. Same as the banquette in the master bedroom, the study desktop is ideal for reading books or working.  Nature grooved stone tiles are laid out in horizontal fashion as the bed head design. It makes full use of the spaces as the bed head wall hosts a bookshelf and an entire row of storage cabinets. 

For the cooking place, a wall shelf with metal-edged fitted to match the metallic cooker hood. The L-shape kitchen layout attached with major appliances and storage on the longer side. Dish washing is relegated to the shorter side, which leads to the semi-open utility area. Great eat-in peninsula in the centre to act as a breakfast table for light meals.

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