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Hong Zhongxuan: Building Up Healthy View of Values

 Hong Zhongxuan
The Designer of the Top Floor Hall of Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Chinese Representative for the United Nations 70th Anniversary Design Art Exhibition
The Chinese Designer Awarded by American Congress
Honorary award winner of California state government
Los Angeles Mayor Award Winner
The Global Director of 29th Olympic Games Franchise Commercial Space Image Recognition System Design 
Theme Hotel Professional Design Agency/President of HHD International Design Institution
Winner of lDEA-TOPS
Visiting Tutor of China Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tongji University, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Shenzhen University
Visiting Tutor of University of Azamar, United Arab Emirates
Designer of Wanda Reign 
Designer of BMG-HOTELS

(Time: 27 SEP 2017)
As the WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference is coming, the news center of the organizing committee interviewed Joe Cheng, Chairman of WAD, on topics of the characteristics of young designers, the current design environment, etc.
(Q represents the reporter as below)

Mr. Hong Zhongxuan
Q: What qualities do young designers have in your understanding?
Hong Zhongxuan: Young Designers pursue fashion and modern lifestyle with strong vitality and creative spirit.They have very wide vision and strong characteristic of the times in shaping the individual style of oneself and the pursuit of innovation.
Q: Shenzhen just had its 37 years old birthday in August this year, and it’s a veritable youth city, what kind of emotion do you have about the city?
Hong Zhongxuan: Shenzhen is a city of tremendous vitality the same as young designers. Shenzhen has “the Water”and “the Soil”, and “the Soil” represents the whole environment of the city which brings us many favorable environment factors and fertile nutrient to young designers like breeding plants,and “the Water” represents government policy, association societies and other platform organizations watering and nourishing youth designer group to make them grow better and develop in all aspects of the life value.So I said that Shenzhen is a city with strong vitality and competition.
Q:You were in charge of interior project on top floor of Burj Dubai, reported by media as "expressing Chinese design at the highest point of the world", which also became the foundation of Chinese design power extending into high-end globle market. Could you share with us on what kind of design do you think is beyond borders of countries?
Hong Zhongxuan: Design without borders must understand the cultural feature and humanistic?characteristics of the project sites by the combination of various kinds of spaces, colors, materials, lights to blend into the psychology and physiology feelings of people.
My own design method is creating the scene experience space with expression, temperature and stories, people could blend into the environment while we use the method with scene and stories to express the environment, so that you could design without borders and get sympathy with the environment no matter in which country. 
Q: You had done a lot for design exchange between China and foreign countries as a Chinese designer such as brought China’s design idea to APSDA since 10 years ago and Sino-us design exchange entered ?United Nations Headquarters so that you are the representative of Chinese design culture exportation,and what’s your deepest feeling about that experiences?
Hong Zhongxuan: The process of international communication is a kind of exchange of ideas and culture, not only we could absorb various kinds of ideas above , but also we will convey our humanistic, philosophical, aesthetic and cultural characteristics to the world and make the people around the world know more about China such as the extensive and profound culture of China ,China's development history, current situation and future to show our huge potential in original creativity in the world where we are in.
Q:Finally ,could you please send some messages to young designers around the world?
Hong Zhongxuan: I think the most important thing for designers is to establish the right values and outlook on world and life so that they can develop very well and their life also could reach a higher level.

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