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Interview with Joe Cheng, Chairman of WAD

Joe Cheng
President of  ATG
Founder of CCD
Chairman of WAD World Youth Designer Conference 
Joe Cheng has 20 years of hotel design experience with international brands. His unique philosophies regarding the perfection of design based on the combination of architecture and interior design has led the CCD team to become pioneers in the hotel design industry. He firmly believes that a perfect design is a combination of architecture and interior design. Based on this philosophy, Mr. Cheng Chung made his own recommendations to the architectural design consultant with the intent of achieving the perfect design. In his opinion, the best design should embody high-quality construction. Therefore, he is involved with each element in creating the design, bringing his varied experience to help realize the best design. Beyond his design ability and experience, He has always working closely with the owners and operators and keep a great communication to fully express his design concept and great ideas.
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DATE: 15 SEPT 2017
For the moment of the WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference is coming, the information center of the organizing committee interviewed Mr. Joe Cheng, Chairman of WAD about the characteristics of young designers and the current design environment and other issues.
 (Q on behalf of the reporter as below)

Joe Cheng, Chairman of WAD Conference
Q: What qualities do young designers have in your understanding?
Joe Cheng:The youth are full of energy, vitality and ambition, and the youth also are the bridge connects the past and the future, known and unknown, ambition and innovation, direct to the future and to expand the known boundaries.
Q:Shenzhen just had its 37 years old birthday in August this year, and it’s a veritable youth city, what kind of emotion do you have about the city?
Joe Cheng: First, I like the city very much which it young with vitality, creativity and initiative spirit, and Shenzhen dares to be the first of the world always inspiring people with dream and who dare to dream. 
CCD is the dual headquarters of Hongkong and Shenzhen, and Shenzhen is also the birthplace of our growth. CCD has been taking the path of international development, but Shenzhen is not only the core serves for Chinese market and also the important window to connect with international standards.
In recent years, the urban competitiveness of Shenzhen developed rapidly, and the city brand of design and technology increased strongly with the predictable good future of Guangdong Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay, there is no doubt that the future of Shenzhen is still full infinite charm and growth imagination to CCD. 
Q:In 2012, you led the CCD to rank the third in the global hotel design company 100 list, which can be said to be a landmark event, so that we can see the strength of China design has been the international leader. As a pioneer and spiritual leader, could you like to share some successful experiences?
Joe Cheng: The required international honor for the CCD is the recognition efforts of the past, and it is also the incentive to our future development. “Design the world dream with the heart of Asia” is our initial mind. I think that the core value of the design should respect for the original, and the original is the core competitiveness of CCD.
Q:There are more and more foreign designers working in China and more and more domestic designers expand the design layout to overseas, and design has no geographical and national boundaries from the physical environment, what do you think of the design environment designers are facing now?
Joe Cheng: Chinese designers have more opportunities and conditions to study, exchange and feel different creative and cultural works around the world, meanwhile China’s huge market also attracts more foreign designers. Since Shenzhen has been crowned China’s first title of  “City of Design”, it has formed a very good international design atmosphere no matter from the designer background or many other aspects, which means more “Fair, Open and Original” design ecology gets better, and global cooperation and exchange become the normal state of work in Shenzhen. This is the best time for designers.
Q:Finally, please send some messages to the young
designers around the world.
Joe Cheng: Youth are always the pioneer of design and innovation. Young designers always have great potential for development and I hope that they could be imperturbable in the rapid change of era, and start from basic skills and take every project seriously, because that resources are reducing day by day, we need to cherish every opportunity to create and  leave valuable works.

Deep communication between Mr. Frankie Liang ,Secretary of WAD International Committee and CEO of INTL DESIGNER and Joe Cheng, Chairman of WAD Conference about conference spirit.





About WAD World Youth Designer Conference
WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference is a large international youth designers exchange and cooperation activity jointly initiated and planned by INTL DESIGNER and Shenzhen Meihouwang Design Eco-network Platform with Shenzhen Luohu District People’s Government as the support unit and Shenzhen Pengrun Smart Technology Co., Ltd. as the organizer.
WAD 2017 World Youth Designer Conference takes the world ,the youth and designer as the core , inviting excellent designers from 30 countries and regions to gather in Shenzhen by International Youth Designer Idea Summits, International Youth Designer Carnival and Project Matching Meetings to help designers know more about Shenzhen and China’s Market and to convey designers’ dreams and ideas , and to improve the international affect of China design by communication and cooperation between China and foreign countries promoting the international reputation of Shenzhen ,the “City of Design”.
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