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Roof Party of Hi-Designs & Night of Designers
Night of 2018 Danshili Roof Garden Designer and Opening Ceremony of [Hi-Designs] Designer Club Strategic Cooperation Unit

Key abstract
Relying on its advantaged 500m2 low profile luxurious private roof garden, original painting and sculpture works show of the designers, Q5 high-end simulated indoor golf, original music live show BLUES/JAZZ with imported acoustics, original imported whisky, red wine, craft beer, imported cigar experiencing centers and so on, [Hi-Designs] Designer Club has become an idea place for the friends of designer circle in Shenzhen and even the whole country to gather together and have parties, thus turning into a communication platform integrating art, design and fashionable life.

The emergence and flourish of Hi-Designs Designer Club is mainly because of its advantaged roof garden resource, precised industrial orientation, trans-boundary integrated thought and feeling as well as professional ability in activity planning. Ever since its establishment, Hi-Designs Designer Club has kept on applying itself to forge the trans-boundary gathering platform for artists of various circles, designers of different fields, high-end brand material merchants, social elites and customer terminal groups. Up to now, it has succeeded in holding product presentations of different brands, art design salons, fashion parties, high-end private customization gatherings and so on. In the future, Hi-Designs Designer Club will become an essential site for the designers and personnel of architectural material industry in Shenzhen, a communication center and link of the designers in Shenzhen and even the whole country.

Shenzhen Danshili Kitchen&Bath Co.,Ltd., which also holds the purpose of Customer First, was established in 2005. By virtue of its high-quality products and perfect service, Danshili has received the trust of the vast real estate developers, with which, they carried out extensive strategic cooperation to improve the product value and influential force of the real-estate enterprises. Tonight, Shenzhen Danshili Kitchen&Bath Co.,Ltd. will bring its three top subordinated brands - Poggenpohl, Laminam, scavolini to join hands with the opening ceremony of [Hi-Designs] Designer Club strategic cooperation partner to build a Roof Party Carnival Night specialized for the designers.

The distinguished guests who sign the cooperation agreement strategic partners with Hi-Designs Designer Club and be present at the opening ceremony include(in random order):
Chairman of Andrew Martin Interior Design Award in Greater China, Mr. Lu Congzhou.
Vice President of HKIDA Hongkong Interior Design Association, Mr. Chen Jie.
General President of Power Zhanjiang Design, Mr. Huang Zhiqi.
President of HIDA Hainan Interior Designer Association, Mr. Xing Lingmin.
CEO of INTL DESIGNER, originator of WAD World Youth Designer Conference, Mr. Liang Yipan.
President of SHCPA Shenzhen House and Home Culture Cultural Products Association, Mr. Liu Conggao.
Executive President of China Soft Decoration Alliance, Mr. Yang Zhenjiang.
Originator of Hi Designs Designer Club, Mr. Wu Dehong.
Editor-in-chief of PhoenixNet, Mrs Fu Jingru.
Partner of KCA Dejian Design, Mr. Yang Disheng.
Editor-in-chief of Sina House and Home in South China District, Mrs. Zhang Junmei.
Executive Director of Ethnic Chinese Esthetician Design and Research Institute, Mr. Zhu Qianzhi.
Founder of Binfen International Design State, Mrs. Qian Ning.

In addition to the attendance of the above distinguished guests, over 200 well-known designers and various design awards, associations, medias, social elites as well as the terminal client groups throughout the country attend this activity. 

To acknowledge their presence and witness the historical moment of signing, the sponsor still arranges the talent shows of European and American band, saxophone, night violin, magic, fashion bartender and famous DJ and so on elaborately besides the delicious dinner party and good wines prepared by the five-star catering enterprise.

On March, 9th, 2018, Hi-Designs Designer Club gathered on the roof garden with almost two hundred elites of the design industry to attend one unique Designer Night together.

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